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The Electric Cargo Bike Shop
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The Electric Cargo Bike Shop website is a brand new addition to The Electric Bike Shop family.

We have been selling electric bikes for many years. With the recent rise in popularity of electric cargo bikes, we decided to open a dedicated website which could be a focus and useful resource for anybody considering buying one.

The Electric Bike Shop opened just over six years ago as has grown to be the UK's most respected and largest, independent electric bike retailer boasting seven stores nationwide, a standalone Bike Surgery in Redland, Bristol with more stores opening in 2022. We are well placed to be able to support our customers.

Our electric bike shops in Brentwood, Solihull, Stroud, Sutton Coldfield, Wilmslow and Uckfield have in house Bike Surgery counters and can look after both electric and non-electric bikes too. 

We employ Bosch & Yamaha qualified cycle technicians so you can be assured that your cargo bike is being well looked after when you have it serviced by us, our expert staff have many years' experience, no matter what job needs to be done on your bike we can do it! 

Our aim is to simply offer you the best advice, customer service  and support we can.