A box on two wheels or three?

If you can't decide whether to go for a two-wheeled or three-wheeled box electric cargo bike. Here is a short piece that will help you decide

Two Wheels
Imagine a wheelbarrow on a frame with a seat attached. That is what a two-wheel electric cargo bike is like effectively. They have a really big carrying capacity, circa 80kg's is normal. So if you carrying kids, adults, your shopping, your tools or your rubbish to the tip it's perfect for the job.

One of the big barriers we hear off people about two-wheelers is the balance with a heavy load. Yes, you do have to balance on two-wheels but the box being very low gives the bike an extremely low centre of gravity which helps balance. It's not top heavy at all.

The other big benefit of a two-wheeler is how agile and nimble they are. Definitely the faster of the two types and counter-intuitively, despite being over 2.5 metres long, they have a surprisingly tight turning circle. Something that blew my mind when I rode one for the first time.

If you want a cargo bike to get your from A to B fast in and out traffic and your around local streets, this could be the one to go for. I definitely recommend you try one first though. You'll be pleasantly surprised but be warned, you'll be handing over your credit card when you get back. Promise 😉


Two Wheels for speed and agility

Three Wheels
These are even bigger wheelbarrows with a seat attached. If your focus is on carrying capacity this is the option to consider. The box capacity is circa 100kg on these beasts hence the two wheels at the front for stability under that load. This type of electric cargo bike is often considered for commercial applications too where volume is key.

Not as nimble as their two-wheeled younger sibling, they can still get you from A to B easily with their powerful electric motor onboard without the worry of stability.


Three wheels for capacity

It's also useful to note that most box bikes have a range of complimentary accessories available to help you make the bike be what you want it to be.

For example, carrying the kids? You may need seats or a rain tent to keep them dry. Or carrying the shopping or your tools, you'll need a cover then to keep it dry.

Think about it. If cargo bikes are being pitched as a replacement for vehicles, they need to do what vehicles can do too. Carry people, carry cargo, keep it dry.


Make the bike be what you need it to be