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We are in a #climatecrisis. Our roads are congested, our air quality is poor. It's time to make a change.  You can make a difference now. Ditch the car and replace your easy, short journeys with an electric cargo bike. It is the future. It's a #cargobikefuture

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Types of Cargo Bike
2-wheel Box Bikes

Imagine a wheelbarrow on a bike. They have a large, sturdy box at the front set low to the ground giving a low centre of gravity. They are very sturdy and surprisingly nippy and nimble.

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3-wheel Box Bikes

An even bigger wheelbarrow on a bike. Very similar to the 2-wheel version but has more capacity in the box. Not as agile but handles extremely well having the weight on the front of the bike.

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A bike with a 'long tail'. The back part of the frame is extended to give a longer, sturdier back rack which can carry cargo, bags and people! Extremely practical without the large footprint of a box bike

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Why Choose Us
Electric Only

We only sell electric cargo bikes. It's not that we don't like non-electric bikes, we just choose to specialise in pedelecs.

We are Experts

We have been selling electric bikes for over 6 years. If you want to buy an electric cargo bike, trust us, you are in safe hands.


We have a  national network of workshops that can support our customers with service and maintenance of their electric cargo bike.


I ditched my car last year and bought a cargo bike. Nearly all of my car journeys were short, simple journeys to school and the shops. It's the best thing I've ever done


I was sick of sitting in traffic during the school run so I bought a cargo bike to take the kids to nursery and school. Its cheaper, cleaner and I don't have to sit in endless traffic anymore


I do all my shopping. I take rubbish to the tip and I use it for work. I'm a plumber and I can carry my tools with me from job to job. I get odd looks from customers occasionally when I turn up on a cargo bike but honestly it is the best thing I've ever done.